Our Associates

We are proud to work with a select group of like-minded professionals who use their specific expertise and experience to help meet our client's needs

Michael O'Byrne

Michael has over twenty years’ experience as a senior health and safety practitioner. He has been the lead investigator in many industrial incidents including workplace fatalities. Michael has worked with several industrial leaders in establishing hazard prevention safety programs designed to prevent these industrial accidents.

He offers excellent reviews of safety management programs focussing on gap analyses. Michael is an effective and neutral resource for industrial safety audits. 

Nancy Harwood BA LLB

Nancy is a lawyer specializing in Health and Safety. She has nearly 30 years experience in regulatory law, and she was Director of Regulatory Practices in the Prevention Division of WorkSafeBC for 14 years. Nancy is currently owner of The Harwood Safety Group (harwoodsafetygroup.com)

Jo-Ann Panneton

Jo-Ann is a management consultant with nearly 20 years experience. She brings scientifically validated mindfulness practices to the workplace in order to improve attention as well as enhance creativity, performance, and resilience. Jo-Ann is currently serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the BC Safety Authority