We departed from conventional safety in 2012, and have been practising new ideas for creating safer and more productive workplaces ever since

Consulting and Coaching

We help employers integrate new principles into their 'Certificate of Recognition' based safety management program elements.


Specific Services we provide:

  • Auditing

  • Gap Analyses

  • Operational Assessments (Inspection)

  • Incident Analysis (Investigation)

  • Accident and Near Miss Learning (Reporting)

  • Just Culture Enquiries (Discipline)

  • New/Young/Worker Onboarding Programs (Orientation)

  • Health and Safety Committee Support

  • Procedure/Practise/Policy Development


Safety Culture and Climate Metrics


We use interview, workshop, and survey tools to measure and assess the safety culture or climate of an organization. This helps identify areas in need of attention and provides a baseline from which to measure improvement.




We create and facilitate workshops and courses tailored to all levels of an organization. In these sessions, ideas are presented and discussed in cultural context, prior to implementation and follow-up.

Courses Include:

  • The Supervisor's Bootcamp Leadership Workshop

  • Advanced Supervisor's Bootcamp

  • The Prime Contractor's Role (with Nancy Harwood)

  • Safety 2.0



We are flexible and prepared to deliver presentations for a variety of meetings, conferences and industry gatherings.


Staffing Services

Connecting safety professionals with like-minded organizations, and vice versa. Matches are made based on a mutual understanding of the newly defined definition and goal of 'safety'.

Please submit resumes to vanessa@qspleadership.com